Artist’s Statement

I am a collector at heart, who loves to tinker with much of what I find. In the past, I’ve worked with silver, batik, and mosaics, but my most recent endeavors were inspired by my travels deep into Mexico. I love the soulfulness of the people I’ve met, the depth of their spirituality, and the richness of their traditions. I’ve gathered inspiration from intimately taking part in celebrations such as Dia de los Muertos, holy week, and the fiesta of San Miguel Archangel.

My recent work with altar boxes, or shrines, started with a workshop given by a very hip Hispanic priest at a friend’s studio. As an avid collector of Mexican folk art, I realized that some of what I had already gathered fit nicely into my designs. I started looking at “junk” differently, and more and more, I saw creative potential and symbolism in very unusual objects.

I delight in working with my hands and the on-going attempt to create something unique and intriguing from seemingly unrelated parts. I enjoy hunting for, fabricating, altering, and combining just the right elements to evoke a sense of connection and inspiration for those who care to ponder.

– Dawn


– Arts Prescott, Guest artist 2022
– Raven Cafe, Prescott 2016-2022
– Tis Gallery, Prescott 2021 & 2022

Where to Buy

– The Marketplace, 117 N Cortez Street, Prescott, AZ

– The Local Restaurant, 520 W Sheldon Street, Prescott, AZ

– SEEDS Natural Fiber Clothing, 1101 N Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ

Come visit my space (#7) at The Art Hive at 203 N. Cortez Street in Prescott at the FOURTH FRIDAY ARTWALK (4th Friday of the month).

You’ll find AlterEgoMexicana metal pieces, Stitchery Doo Dah jackets, and other unique and vintage items.